Thursday, May 28, 2009

DiViNe ExIsTeNcE*****

I know not whether Egg created the Hen or
Hen created the Egg
This I am told that, Nature created the Man,
And the Man crated the “God”

My belief system does have an answer for questions about the origins of gods. I believe that it is the belief of souls that create gods. Note that the title of this node is something of a misnomer; there's nothing restricting this to humans, or, for that matter, Earth. But it is belief itself that creates the entity known as a god of some form.

Who is God? What can we know about God? We so often get caught up in defining God. And if knowing God is possible, how do we comprehend him: by reason or only through an ecstatic epiphany of faith. We so often get caught up in defining God. Through the centuries the perception of God has changed for man. Man has usually bestowed the characteristics that he admires or fears o
n his God. I hear people call God vengeful, jealous, loving, and benevolent and any other number of human characteristics. God can lift you up, God can strike you down. God can Bless you God can curse you. So it got me to thinking, who or what is God? I mean really. If I go by the characteristics placed oh him by different people I would have to say God suffers from multiple personality disorder or Man’s has the multiple perception disorder regarding a single Almighty. Is God a person that sits on high, or is he/she/it something else?

Science is now acknowledging that there is an intelligent field that permeates all of creation. Stephen Hawking a world famous physicist calls it the mind of God, Greg Braden a philosopher and scientist calls it the divine matrix. Max Planck, the father of modern physics, in 1944 identified this field as the
matrix," he says that all matter the stuff our world is made of originates and exist by virtue of a force, we must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter." Max Planck is one of the most renowned physicists to ever live. Was this science acknowledging the existence of God? They all agree that it is not a being.
And at last because am unable to define him…..I admire him…being a devotee……

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