Thursday, May 28, 2009

For U

So little I have 2 offer u,
don't have anything like silver or gold,
but something I have for u,
that can't be brought or sold........
Oh-dear/Intimate one.....
I would love 2 shareall that I havewith u--
I have that Love for u,
that love that transcends,
YesterdayToday andTomorrow
Its a promise on the bosom of eternal time, dear one....
Yes It is.....You r the beauty of all the beauties.....
I can't think of all, that is beautiful in my eyes with out u---
Magic of your lisping words....
Lyrics of your smiles,
all cheer and delightful
in a mellow orb of my heart
where quiet, I set and compose for u, a poem like this

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