Monday, May 25, 2009

The Mystic Transformation...............

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly."

......Richard Bach.....

How many of us really understand the journey a caterpillar takes to become a butterfly? Being a biologist although I came to know the process much before, still after knowing the mystical journey in greater detail and its philosophy blown away me completely.I would like to share my thought that how the caterpillar’s transformation is highly symbolic with what’s going on in our world today.

The genesis of the caterpillar’s transformation begins with the appearance of what scientists have termed “imaginal” cells whose origin is still a mystery. That’s why they are ‘imaginals’.At first, the imaginal cells are fought off and destroyed by the intelligence of the caterpillar organism. But the imaginal cells keep coming back and eventually form clusters of cells to strengthen their domain. Soon the clusters form bonds where they pass genetic type information to one another. The clusters resonate at a higher frequency then their host and begin changing the physical make-up of the caterpillar. At a certain point in time, the long string of clumping and clustering imaginal cells switches gears from simply being a group of like-minded cells into the programming cells of the butterfly. They literally reach a critical mass of influence where the caterpillar’s destiny is altered to become a butterfly.
Let us enlight this story as a highly symbolic of what is occurring in our world today, and how a more evolved experience is on the horizon for humanity. Imaginal cells are clustering all over the globe, resonating at a higher frequency and bringing the light of a new consciousness to mankind. These represents the countless people that are stepping out of their societal roles and doing things to help the collective good. We see it by innumerable organizations that are popping up with the sole mission of making the world a better place.
We can see it in the excitement that Mahatma Gandhi’s non violence campaign to Indians, regarding an Independent India or we may say Barack Obama’s campaign is providing tens of millions of people with the simple message “we need to change things”. These are humanity’s imaginal cells manifesting and clustering.
Imaginal cells exist within our body right now, and are attempting to cluster together and help us to increase our own consciousness. We The Change must begin with I, The Change. The question is: whether we are allowing this to happen? Or not???
The spark for these sorts of individual transformation is all around us…just we have to look and nurture. The mystic transformation motivates us to expand our consciousness.
We must all become seekers of our own mission in life for a new global reality to take form. It is the only way…
Our destiny is to emerge into a new realm of being, and we must each make the decision to either become a part of the new consciousness (butterfly) or stagnate with the dying way of things (caterpillar).
The truth is especially hard to believe if it requires that we take action — if it requires that we change. If humanity is to have a future, we must take action — we must change. If humanity is to have a future, we must believe the truth. Examination of the human condition today reveals little to no existence of synergic relationships.. If we humans are to transcend our adversary and neutral pasts, we must change. To prepare for that change we humans can learn much by studying all forms of life and how they are related. By studying the history and past developmental paths of other life forms, we can learn to understand our human predicament and plan a safe passage to our future — a safe passage through our human crisis.
If we are successful, we will discover that this is not the end times, but a time of transformation — in fact a new beginning. Transformation is an invention of life. It is a strategy that enables a life form to adapt to difficult realities.

Let us examine the evolution of butterfly. When the mature gravid female butterfly deposits her eggs on the underside of a very particular leaf, the life cycle begins for a new butterfly. When an egg hatches a new caterpillar finds itself confronted with a world of green leaves and stems and only one purpose on its mind — to devour that tasty and delicious world. The caterpillar begins its seemingly endless task of ingesting all the plant carbohydrate within its reach. It appears as an eating machine, devouring all the leaves in its path. As it does this it bulks up, acquiring the necessary mass to sustain what must come next. The caterpillar in fact will need its mass to fuel its transformation from caterpillar to pupa and finally into butterfly hood.
This transformation will result in an organism much more effectively adapted for survival. Prior to the transformation the organism as caterpillar is limited to live out its life on a single plant all within the radius of fifteen feet. After the transformation, the organism as butterfly can range thousands of miles traveling an entire continent. Transformation for the butterfly will result in enormous adaptability. However, the organism as caterpillar is oblivious to the power that awaits it. It spends its days at the mindless task of nonstop eating. As the time of transformation approaches, things begin to become more and more difficult for the caterpillar. The world of its birth once so rich with endless green leaves is now bare from the caterpillar’s own non-stop feeding. The plant that was the caterpillar’s whole world is now dying. The future seems bleak indeed. Then things get even worse. A strange malady strikes the caterpillar. Its body begins to stiffen and slow. And soon the power to crawl is lost and with it even the chance to find a new plant. Then, the caterpillar’s body becomes completely rigid and all power of movement is lost. To the cells within the body of the caterpillar it must certainly seem like the end times.
I propose that the humans of today are like the cells within the caterpillar. That the present human crisis doesn’t mean that we are at the end of human evolution, but instead that we are near our own transformation to a much more co-Operative and powerful form of humanity. I believe that most of our fellow humans living today are oblivious to the power that awaits them in the future.
Humans are Time-binders. Ours is the power to know and that knowledge grows without limits. If we remain in our childhood as a species, our conflict and indifference will continue injuring us until we eventually we produce such unlimited weapons that must by definition destroy us. If we are to enter our adulthood as a species we must put away childish things. We must put away the conflict of the adversary way. We must put away the indifference of the neutral way. And, we must put away not only nuclear weapons, but in fact we must put away all weapons. And then and only then will it truly be safe.

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