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Narayan Ch. Panda..(couple of Months with my Dadaji)Retro ReFlExIoN*

There was a time during 2001; I used to chat with my paternal Grandfather who was an octogenarian at that time. A successful AYURVEDIC PRACTICINOR of his time who struggled very hard during his early times later on became popular among mass of 50-100 villagers as “Kabiraj”.I missed my childhood in his company but that was a blessing in disguise bcoz I found reason to be in his vicinity in my adulthood. Might be I woun’t learned that much as I was in this time period (although it’s a very short). The way he understand people is really impressive. I used to sit with him with my diary and jotted down what ever comes from his mouth……everything comes from his end (although I didn’t agreed…with bit of arguments/discussions..still I was able to convinced by him and so also to him)

Shovadhare Kusuma nikare, Kinsuke Nasi Gandham

Gandhadhare Gagana Bihage, chandane Nasti Puspam

Ekshu Brukshe na bhabati falam, Ketaki Kantakatya

Ekadhare sakala suvagam Durlavam hi triloke….

Meaning: dispite of exquisite beauty, Kinsuka(Palas,the flame of the forest) has no scant, Where as despite of such a heavy aroma, the sandalwood is devoid of flowers,

Ekshu (sugarcane plant) is the sweetest of all still lacks fruits and The Ketaki (the pandanus) although the most beautiful but forbidden one as it is surrounded by spines………….whats the moral??????????????????????/

Ja sundara (Handsome) tat banita(wife) kurupa(ugly)

Ja sundari tat pati (husband)rupahina

Jarto/yatrovayam(when both) tatro daridrataa(there poverty)

Bidhe vichitrani bitasthitanii (How wonder the world is)

Sashini (Moon) Khalukalanka (spot), Kantakatwa (spine)padmanadam(lotus)

Udadhi (sea or ocean) Jalam payam(jalam+apayam), Panditayee (wise) Nirdhanatwam (poor)

Bayashi (maiden early age) bidhaba (widow)yoga, Nirbibakam Vidatha (unfairness of God)

On “Desire” He said……

Na Jatu Kama Kamanam, Upabhoge Nasamyati

Habisa Krishnavatwee, bhoya eeba vivardhate

Means: No Desire can be fulfilled on it unrighteous fulfilment. It increases like the fire with the action of Ghee

Dusta bhairja(wife), sathan (cheat) Mitra, Vrityaschovaradayaka

Sasarpavu gruhe basa, Mrityu-reba Nasansaya

Means: A vicious wife, A cryptic friend, and an argumentative servant

The residents in a house..A dead beyond Question

He used to said….Assets is the most sensitive thing….and it has four brothers

Dhanasya chatura(four) bhrata

Dharmagnee(dharma+agnee), Nrupa, taskara

Jyosta Bhrata Prakupyanti,

Kupyante eetaroopi cha….

Every Sunday morning he used to donate money to the destitutes (mostly lepers).It most consists of small paper packets which consists of coins of 10paisa,20p, 25p, or 50.1 Rupees. He used to distribute that accordingly. I was a regular exercise (every Sunday)

One day I found that some beggers showed their dissatisfaction/frustration regarding the amount….as they demand only or not less than 1 Rupees…

On the evening I told him all these and asked not to give those who were discontenting on their part….on reply he narrated a sloka…

Tuno Naikasare Karena Dasadha…..

Sandhana kale satam

Chaperbhuta sahashra, Lakhya gamane

Koti su koti badhe.

Ante Arba(anteta+arba) Nikharba Bana Bibidho

Sita Patee Kshovitam

Atat Bana Parakramesu Mahima

Satpatre Danam Yatha……………

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