Thursday, May 28, 2009

DiViNe ExIsTeNcE*****

I know not whether Egg created the Hen or
Hen created the Egg
This I am told that, Nature created the Man,
And the Man crated the “God”

My belief system does have an answer for questions about the origins of gods. I believe that it is the belief of souls that create gods. Note that the title of this node is something of a misnomer; there's nothing restricting this to humans, or, for that matter, Earth. But it is belief itself that creates the entity known as a god of some form.

Who is God? What can we know about God? We so often get caught up in defining God. And if knowing God is possible, how do we comprehend him: by reason or only through an ecstatic epiphany of faith. We so often get caught up in defining God. Through the centuries the perception of God has changed for man. Man has usually bestowed the characteristics that he admires or fears o
n his God. I hear people call God vengeful, jealous, loving, and benevolent and any other number of human characteristics. God can lift you up, God can strike you down. God can Bless you God can curse you. So it got me to thinking, who or what is God? I mean really. If I go by the characteristics placed oh him by different people I would have to say God suffers from multiple personality disorder or Man’s has the multiple perception disorder regarding a single Almighty. Is God a person that sits on high, or is he/she/it something else?

Science is now acknowledging that there is an intelligent field that permeates all of creation. Stephen Hawking a world famous physicist calls it the mind of God, Greg Braden a philosopher and scientist calls it the divine matrix. Max Planck, the father of modern physics, in 1944 identified this field as the
matrix," he says that all matter the stuff our world is made of originates and exist by virtue of a force, we must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter." Max Planck is one of the most renowned physicists to ever live. Was this science acknowledging the existence of God? They all agree that it is not a being.
And at last because am unable to define him…..I admire him…being a devotee……

A sketch on Relationship....

You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you

Man is a knot into which relationships are tied
There's one sad truth in life I've found.....While journeying east and west -The only folks we really woundAre those we love the best.We flatter those we scarcely know,We please the fleeting guest,And deal full many a thoughtless blow To those who love us best

Woman, like the Blue Mountains,
Looks beautiful from a distance,
Close in and discover
What is in store for you…?

Happy is the man, who loves his wife,
Happier still if he obeys her obedience is alien to human nature thought
To buy Peace, it is the only option.

“Parents live elsewhere
For they are old;
Wife live elsewhere
For she is working;
Children live elsewhere
For they are student;
The Man (Husband) has turned poetic
On his wonderful family world”

For U

So little I have 2 offer u,
don't have anything like silver or gold,
but something I have for u,
that can't be brought or sold........
Oh-dear/Intimate one.....
I would love 2 shareall that I havewith u--
I have that Love for u,
that love that transcends,
YesterdayToday andTomorrow
Its a promise on the bosom of eternal time, dear one....
Yes It is.....You r the beauty of all the beauties.....
I can't think of all, that is beautiful in my eyes with out u---
Magic of your lisping words....
Lyrics of your smiles,
all cheer and delightful
in a mellow orb of my heart
where quiet, I set and compose for u, a poem like this

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vexatious Justice..................

……….Justice is denied if it is served late
But so it is if served at haste…………….

Let me remember Ingersol’s.. Every crime is born of necessity. If you want less crime, you must change the conditions. Poverty makes crime. Want, rags, crusts, misfortune - all these awake the wild beast in man, and finally he takes, and takes contrary to law, and becomes a criminal. And what do you do with him? You punish him. Why not punish a man for having consumption? The time will come when you will see that that is just as logical. What do you do with the criminal? You send him to the penitentiary. Is he made better? Worse. The first thing you do is to try to trample out his manhood, by putting an indignity upon him. You mark him. You put him in stripes. At night you put him in darkness. His feeling for revenge grows. You make a wild beast of him, and he comes out of that place branded in body and soul, and then you won't let him reform if he wants to.

Let come to punishment……an way of delivering the justice……………

Seven years for killing a man with stick;
Two year under the wheel;
Ten years for “Ganja”;
Ten Rupees for Hard drinks,
Justice is thus served,
For that is the “Law of our Land”

Punishment is now unfashionable... because it creates moral distinctions among men, which, to the democratic mind, are odious. We prefer a meaningless collective guilt to a meaningful individual responsibility

Lets think up Justice of Rewards

“Fifty Rupees for a hard days labour in a field
Two Hundred at least at the factory,
Millions for a “song”, “Lyric” or a “Play”,
Countless in politics”

Think up the Dilemma of Justice…………………………………….

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The balanced Opposites....Yin-Yang

This symbol (Yin-Yang) represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work. The outer circle represents "everything", while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called "yin" (black) and "yang" (white), which cause everything to happen. They are not completely black or white, just as things in life are not completely black or white, and they cannot exist without each other.
While "yin" would be dark, passive, downward, cold, contracting, and weak, "yang" would be bright, active, upward, hot, expanding, and strong. The shape of the yin and yang sections of the symbol, actually gives you a sense of the continual movement of these two energies, yin to yang and yang to yin, causing everything to happen: just as things expand and contract, and temperature changes from hot to cold.
The essentials of the yin-yang school are as follows: the universe is run by a single principle, the Tao, or Great Ultimate. This principle is divided into two opposite principles, or two principles which oppose one another in their actions, yin and yang. All the opposites one perceives in the universe can be reduced to one of the opposite forces. The yin and yang accomplish changes in the universe through the five material agents, or wu hsing , which both produce one another and overcome one another. All change in the universe can be explained by the workings of yin and yang and the progress of the five material agents as they either produce one another or overcome one another. Yin-yang and the five agents are, I need to stress, a universal explanatory principle. The Five Agents are categories referring to the fundamental ingredients of the universe. They are named after wood, fire, earth, metal and water, but do not simply refer to these five concrete substances. Rather, they represent a basic framework or mental model by which all phenomena can be classified into five types.
The Five Agents are a fundamental classification system for all things. The relationships between the Five Agents represent the basic relationships between all things. The Five Agents are wood, fire, earth, metal and water, each having manifold meanings, which it would be impossible to fully enumerate. Below, we shall give a brief list of those most commonly used in Daoist religious practice and scriptures:Five Agents: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, WaterFive Directions: East, South, Centre, West, North Five Colors: Green, Red, Yellow, White, Black Five Flavors: Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Acrid, Salty Five Planets: Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury Five Viscera: Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung, Kidney
The relationships between the Five Agents are characterized by mutual generation and mutual control. Mutual generation means that each Agent gives birth to another Agent according to a specific order. The order of mutual generation is an endless cycle. Mutual control means that each Agent restricts another Agent according to a different order. The cycle of control is also an endless one: each controlling Agent is also under the control of another Agent in a different situation. The order of mutual generation is as follows:Wood generates Fire; Fire generates Earth; Earth generates Metal; Metal generates Water; Water generates Wood. The order of mutual control is as follows: Wood overcomes Earth; Earth overcomes Water; Water overcomes Fire; Fire overcomes Metal; Metal overcomes Wood. If the Five Agents are enumerated in the order of Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal-Water, then in the cycle of mutual generation each Agent generates the next Agent down the list; while in the cycle of control each Agent overcomes the second Agent down the list.

The Five Agents are the basic ingredients of the universe. All phenomena can be understood using yin-yang and the five agents: the movements of the stars, the workings of the body, the nature of foods, the qualities of music, the ethical qualities of humans, the progress of time, the operations of government, and even the nature of historical change. All things follow this order so that all things can be related to one another in some way: one can use the stars to determine what kind of policy to pursue in government, for instance, the yin and yang represent all the opposite principles one finds in the universe. Under yang are the principles of maleness, the sun, creation, heat, light, Heaven, dominance, and so on, and under yin are the principles of femaleness, the moon, completion, cold, darkness, material forms, submission, and so on. Each of these opposites produce the other: Heaven creates the ideas of things under yang, the earth produces their material forms under yin, and vice versa; creation occurs under the principle of yang, the completion of the created thing occurs under yin, and vice versa, and so on. This production of yin from yang and yang from yin occurs cyclically and constantly, so that no one principle continually dominates the other or determines the other. All opposites that one experiences—health and sickness, wealth and poverty, power and submission—can be explained in reference to the temporary dominance of one principle over the other. Since no one principle dominates eternally, that means that all conditions are subject to change into their opposites. This cyclical nature of yin and yang, the opposing forces of change in the universe, mean several things. First, that all phenomena change into their opposites in an eternal cycle of reversal. Second, since the one principle produces the other, all phenomena have within them the seeds of their opposite state, that This cyclical nature of yin and yang, the opposing forces of change in the universe, mean several things. First, that all phenomena change into their opposites in an eternal cycle of reversal. Second, since the one principle produces the other, all phenomena have within them the seeds of their opposite state, that is, sickness has the seeds of health, health contains the seeds of sickness, wealth contains the seeds of poverty, etc. Third, even though an opposite may not be seen to be present, since one principle produces the other, no phenomenon is completely devoid of its opposite state. One is never really healthy since health contains the principle of its opposite, sickness. This is called "presence in absence."

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's the Competition.............

It’s the competition
And you’ve already won
The competition lasts but moments
Though the training’s taken years
It wasn’t the winning alone
That was worth the work and tears
The applause will be forgotten
The prize will be misplaced
But the long hard hours of practice
Will never be a waste
For in trying to win you build a skill
You learn that winning depends on will
You never grow by how much you win
You only grow by how much you put in
So any challenge you’ve just begun
Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute. Put forth your best effort. A pessimist sees only the dark side of the clouds, and mopes; a philosopher sees both sides, and shrugs; an optimist doesn't see the clouds at all - he's walking on them. Why you think u r an unfortunate one.or unlucky one or uncompetitive one...just imagine a sperm can fertilize an ovum in the run of that lucky one is an human being.....where is the point of being pesimistic................................

The Mystic Transformation...............

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly."

......Richard Bach.....

How many of us really understand the journey a caterpillar takes to become a butterfly? Being a biologist although I came to know the process much before, still after knowing the mystical journey in greater detail and its philosophy blown away me completely.I would like to share my thought that how the caterpillar’s transformation is highly symbolic with what’s going on in our world today.

The genesis of the caterpillar’s transformation begins with the appearance of what scientists have termed “imaginal” cells whose origin is still a mystery. That’s why they are ‘imaginals’.At first, the imaginal cells are fought off and destroyed by the intelligence of the caterpillar organism. But the imaginal cells keep coming back and eventually form clusters of cells to strengthen their domain. Soon the clusters form bonds where they pass genetic type information to one another. The clusters resonate at a higher frequency then their host and begin changing the physical make-up of the caterpillar. At a certain point in time, the long string of clumping and clustering imaginal cells switches gears from simply being a group of like-minded cells into the programming cells of the butterfly. They literally reach a critical mass of influence where the caterpillar’s destiny is altered to become a butterfly.
Let us enlight this story as a highly symbolic of what is occurring in our world today, and how a more evolved experience is on the horizon for humanity. Imaginal cells are clustering all over the globe, resonating at a higher frequency and bringing the light of a new consciousness to mankind. These represents the countless people that are stepping out of their societal roles and doing things to help the collective good. We see it by innumerable organizations that are popping up with the sole mission of making the world a better place.
We can see it in the excitement that Mahatma Gandhi’s non violence campaign to Indians, regarding an Independent India or we may say Barack Obama’s campaign is providing tens of millions of people with the simple message “we need to change things”. These are humanity’s imaginal cells manifesting and clustering.
Imaginal cells exist within our body right now, and are attempting to cluster together and help us to increase our own consciousness. We The Change must begin with I, The Change. The question is: whether we are allowing this to happen? Or not???
The spark for these sorts of individual transformation is all around us…just we have to look and nurture. The mystic transformation motivates us to expand our consciousness.
We must all become seekers of our own mission in life for a new global reality to take form. It is the only way…
Our destiny is to emerge into a new realm of being, and we must each make the decision to either become a part of the new consciousness (butterfly) or stagnate with the dying way of things (caterpillar).
The truth is especially hard to believe if it requires that we take action — if it requires that we change. If humanity is to have a future, we must take action — we must change. If humanity is to have a future, we must believe the truth. Examination of the human condition today reveals little to no existence of synergic relationships.. If we humans are to transcend our adversary and neutral pasts, we must change. To prepare for that change we humans can learn much by studying all forms of life and how they are related. By studying the history and past developmental paths of other life forms, we can learn to understand our human predicament and plan a safe passage to our future — a safe passage through our human crisis.
If we are successful, we will discover that this is not the end times, but a time of transformation — in fact a new beginning. Transformation is an invention of life. It is a strategy that enables a life form to adapt to difficult realities.

Let us examine the evolution of butterfly. When the mature gravid female butterfly deposits her eggs on the underside of a very particular leaf, the life cycle begins for a new butterfly. When an egg hatches a new caterpillar finds itself confronted with a world of green leaves and stems and only one purpose on its mind — to devour that tasty and delicious world. The caterpillar begins its seemingly endless task of ingesting all the plant carbohydrate within its reach. It appears as an eating machine, devouring all the leaves in its path. As it does this it bulks up, acquiring the necessary mass to sustain what must come next. The caterpillar in fact will need its mass to fuel its transformation from caterpillar to pupa and finally into butterfly hood.
This transformation will result in an organism much more effectively adapted for survival. Prior to the transformation the organism as caterpillar is limited to live out its life on a single plant all within the radius of fifteen feet. After the transformation, the organism as butterfly can range thousands of miles traveling an entire continent. Transformation for the butterfly will result in enormous adaptability. However, the organism as caterpillar is oblivious to the power that awaits it. It spends its days at the mindless task of nonstop eating. As the time of transformation approaches, things begin to become more and more difficult for the caterpillar. The world of its birth once so rich with endless green leaves is now bare from the caterpillar’s own non-stop feeding. The plant that was the caterpillar’s whole world is now dying. The future seems bleak indeed. Then things get even worse. A strange malady strikes the caterpillar. Its body begins to stiffen and slow. And soon the power to crawl is lost and with it even the chance to find a new plant. Then, the caterpillar’s body becomes completely rigid and all power of movement is lost. To the cells within the body of the caterpillar it must certainly seem like the end times.
I propose that the humans of today are like the cells within the caterpillar. That the present human crisis doesn’t mean that we are at the end of human evolution, but instead that we are near our own transformation to a much more co-Operative and powerful form of humanity. I believe that most of our fellow humans living today are oblivious to the power that awaits them in the future.
Humans are Time-binders. Ours is the power to know and that knowledge grows without limits. If we remain in our childhood as a species, our conflict and indifference will continue injuring us until we eventually we produce such unlimited weapons that must by definition destroy us. If we are to enter our adulthood as a species we must put away childish things. We must put away the conflict of the adversary way. We must put away the indifference of the neutral way. And, we must put away not only nuclear weapons, but in fact we must put away all weapons. And then and only then will it truly be safe.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We live, as we dream alone................

Between the idea And the reality
Between the motionAnd the act
Falls the shadow
Between the conceptionAnd the creation
Between the emotionAnd the response
Falls the Shadow
Between the desireAnd the spasm
Between the potency and the existence
Between the essence And the descent`````
Falls the Shadow

Union and separation: our destiny is pre-ordained Shortly after conception, the embryo forms. Life begins with the five elements and the intricate body parts and organs are formed. Then infused with the soul, the vulnerable life is nourished and protected from the harmful elements all the while the unborn meditates. In the heat of the womb, life thrives and upside down indeed (the final position of the fetus in the last few weeks of labor and delivery). In the womb the creation survives by meditating upon the creators name, with every breath. Finally one is born and eventually forgets ones origin and becomes engrossed with the material world. After leaving the womb, one interacts and attaches with the conscious world and forgets God. Growing up is certainly not easy, especially when reincarnation hovers just around the corner unless one meditates upon the name of the primal lord.

Dogmas--religious, political, scientific--arise out of erroneous belief that thought can encapsulate reality or truth. Dogmas are collective conceptual prisons. And the strange thing is that people love their prison cells because they give them a sense of security and a false sense of "I know." Science is the process of trying to understand the nature of reality. And it's a fundamental of science that we believe reality exists, instead of having it be a human construct or all a matter of relative point of view. There isn't another side of the story in science. There are the right and wrong answers, and you do a better or worse job of understanding that reality, but we do believe reality is there. That's fundamental to what we're doing.

Time goes, you say? Ah no! Alas!!! Time stays, we go.

Time is the most undefinable yet paradoxical of things; the past is gone, the future is not come, and the present becomes the past even while we attempt to define it, and, like the flash of lightning, at once exists and expires.Time, the cradle of hope.... Wisdom walks before it, opportunity with it, and repentance behind it: he that has made it his friend will have little to fear from his enemies, but he that has made it his enemy will have little to hope from his friends. Time is an equal opportunity employer. Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day. Rich people can't buy more hours. Scientists can't invent new minutes. And you can't save time to spend it on another day. Even so, time is amazingly fair and forgiving. No matter how much time you've wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow......................................

To realize the value of 1 yr, ask the student, who failed a grade,
To realize the value of 1 month, ask a mother who gave birth a premature baby,
To realize the value of 1week, ask the editor of a weekly news paper,
To realize the value of 1 hour, ask the lovers who are waiting for meet,
To realize the value of 1 minute, ask the person who missed the train,
To realize the value of 1 second, ask the person who escape an accident,
To realize the value of 1 millisecond, ask the person who own the silver medal in Olympic.